What is a Bard? What is a Wedding Play?
The most famous bard, or story-teller, is Shakespeare, who immortalized the love of "Romeo and Juliet." A Wedding Play is an entertaining short play which poignantly and poetically tells the story of your love, to be read at your wedding.

How old is the tradition?
Long ago, a wedding play was quite customary in many cultures, performed for the honored couple and their guests, accompanied by a lute.  Often the play would end in the guests joining the performers in dancing. In France and Italy, where wedding ceremonies are often held outdoors in vineyards or under shaded trees, the setting was ideal. A Wedding Play at your wedding, brings back this artful and elegant tradition!

Who performs the play?
Friends and family of the wedding couple, including if they wish, the Bride and Groom. Even the little Flower Girls  may participate, holding placards and announcing the scene changes such as "The First Kiss" and "The Proposal." The plays are scripted and do not require memorization.

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