Why is it that weddings are so moving, inspiring? Whenever we see the full potential of romantic love, at its sweetest blossoming, we cannot help but feel our hearts stirred.

As your Wedding Bard, it is my commitment to have your love-story fill the air with inspiration, join in spirit all gathered together, and stir every single heart.

Because love just does this crazy wonderful thing to us!
- Karin Spritzler

Karin Spritzler's work as a playwright has always been the human heart. As a playwright and writing instructor, Karin developed her finely tuned skills in story-telling as a script analyst for major television and film studios, where her instincts and insights have been tapped by Norman Lear, Creative Artists Agency, Paramount Pictures, Trimark Pictures and Orion Pictures.

Karin's training in the arts reaches back to her days at Westlake School for Girls (now Harvard-Westlake) and Carnegie Mellon University, where she studied painting and design.

Believing in the healing power of words, for years Karin has taught writing workshops for homeless women, at-risk teens,and those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.  In this deeply felt work, she has keenly understood that everyone has a story.

Wedding Bard is the culmination of her never-ending love of people, life, romance, tradition and... live theatre!