When are the plays performed?
The plays are most poignantly performed as part of the wedding ceremony.  Sharing your love-story while all are gathered together, before taking your vows, captures the full attention of everyone's hearts and gives heightened meaning to those very special words -- "I do."

What about music?
Music is integral to traditional dramas, and a professional flautist, fiddler, pianist or harpist often accompanies the play. The chosen music can reflect the native origins of the bride and groom. For example, fiddlers are a good choice for the Irish!

How long is the play?
As long or as brief as you wish, usually between ten to fifteen minutes. Production values are open to the limits of your imagination. For instance, your Wedding Play may use photographic projections to personalize the "scenery." Special, unique entertainment may be incorporated. Or the entire play may be written and performed as a puppet show! However, usually a simple reading of the play is quite sufficient.

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