What is the process for writing the play?
As your Wedding Bard, I interview you, the engaged couple, either in person, or by phone or email. The interview usually lasts about an hour and a half.  The play takes approximately two to four weeks to write, after which there is a "read through" to make small changes. If the weddings are local, I am available to direct the play, adding dramatic touches and working with the "actors" before it is presented.

Will we receive a copy of our Wedding Play?
A uniquely designed, professionally bound and printed book of your Wedding Play may be purchased and kept as a treasured keepsake (to be re-enacted on your 50th Anniversary!).  The plays may also be given as special gifts for your "actors."

Can plays be written for other occasions?
Yes. Wedding Bard is a playwrighting service. Personalized Plays can be written to commemorate any meaningful event or special occasion, such as a Milestone Birthday, a Retirement Party, or a Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Excerpts from past Plays

Play # 1

Play # 2

Play # 3

These plays can be downloaded and viewed with Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader go to www.adobe.com. Thanks.

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